Katti EspFocusing her practice on ESTATE PLANNING and assisting clients with the probate process, Katti collaborates with families and individuals and their financial planners to retain the greatest amount of wealth for family, friends, and charities as well as limit the assets transferred to the government or unintended beneficiaries.

This website is designed to provide estate planning information to my clients and their advisors. The hope in creating this site is to give clients information about basic estate planning documents and tax planning concepts to help them understand why they need to plan their estates and provide some general ideas for a smooth transition of their assets from one generation to the next.

Please be advised however, the information contained on this website should neither be considered a replacement for, nor eliminate the need of, an estate planning attorney to assist in deciding what documents and techniques should be used in designing an estate plan, but rather as a supplement to that relationship.

Hopefully, the information on this website can help you understand a few of these basic estate planning documents and concepts.

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